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Felting Contest - Dolls


Doll Category Entries | Childhood Fairy Tales Entries

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Fairy Tale Entries
Congratulations to all of the participants in this year's contest for outstanding
and artful creations! We are pleased to share these wonderful examples of
felted works made with needle felting and wet felting techniques.

Please share your comments on our facebook friends page!

About the photos:

*Warning, some photos are very large and may take a while to load

1st Place

The Princess and the Pea

Teresa Brooks
Nelson, New Zealand

9.5" H x 9.5" L x 6.5" W

Here is "The Princess and the Pea" or "The Real Princess." I remember the story from my childhood and especially the illustrations, which were by Edmund Dulac. I also remember thinking that the princess must have been super sensitive! I've taken some liberties with my version - she has just 14 duvets/blankets that I have wet and needle felted and then embellished with beads, embroidery floss, and ribbon. Her bed is cotton string strung dowel rods, with sculpey finials. There's a linen base sheet. The Princess is core wool surrounding a wire armature, so she's bendy. She has MC-1 batt in linen over top the core wool, and bits of merino for all her details. Her hair is hand dyed english leicester staples. Her dress is removable, and is wet felted from white merino top. It is embellished with embroidery floss and antique ribbon. I started work on her when I was frustrated with my Cinderella, and had lopped her head off... Eventually Cinderella came right but I couldn't leave this alone and ended up finishing her two days ago. I like that she looks a bit melancholy.. and irritated! This is my third doll, my second being Cinderella and my first, a wee 3" kewpie. I think I'm addicted. ;)

2nd Place

The Dirty Shepherdess
French Fairy Tale/Green Fairy Book By Andrew Lang

Barbara Attwell
Austin, TX USA

Wool Felt, Fabric, Wood, Metal. I chose the fairy tale, "The Dirty Shepherdess", but it is sort of a fairy tale of its own as her hair is the same hair as the sheep, implying that she is turning into a sheep!

3rd Place

Humpty Dumpty
Anthony von Reichert
Queenswood, Pretoria South Africa

14" x 7" x 8" Humpty is solid needle felted with poly core batting and covered with merino top roving. His pants and jacket are hand stitched in sild and shoe buckles are from polymer clay. His hat is also needle felted as are his shoes


PUSS in BOOTS and The THREE Diablo's
Sneffca (aka Caroline Neff)
Barnegat NJ USA

Puss: 6.5" H Diablo's 4" This is my interpretation of the modern day Puss in Boots and the Three Diablo’s as seen in DreamWorks Animation feature film. I used Living Felt NZ Corriedale natural white and the African Safari color pack. Puss in Boots’ Cavalier hat is made from NZ Corriedale wool with maroon merino trim accented with a yellow feather.

I used my Clover needle felting tool (8900) to form the hat. His boots are made with partial embossed acrylic felt sheet however the shoe portion of the boot and sole is made completely with black Norwegian C1 and NZ Corriedale black and brown wool. Puss sports a hand-made genuine leather belt with a grommet attached to hold his realistically painted plastic cocktail sword. His whiskers are natural white horse hair which are individually attached with a needle and secured with a hidden knot. Puss in boots stands 6 ½” tall without hat. The Three Diablo’s are also needled felted with Living Felt NZ Corriedale African Safari color pack as well as merino wool blends. Each Diablo stands approximately 4” tall while wearing a hat. Each Diablo is also sporting a leather belt with attached grommet to hold their realistically painted cocktail sword. Each plastic sword required four layers of silver and black acrylic paint. Their boots are crafted with black prefelt and C1 Norwegian wool. The soles of each boot are attached separately by using a size 36 triangular felting needle. Although the boots are not removable, they were applied over a completely finished animal foot and sport a 3-dimenional appearance. I custom made a Cavalier hat pattern to fit the three Diablo’s. These hats were made with black acrylic felt. They were partially machine sewn and finished off with hand stitching. The colorful trim around the outer edging of the hat is embroidered blanket stitch to match the wool trim on each of their boots. A yellow feather is also attached with a hand-stitch. Horse hair whiskers complete each kitten’s facial features. My intention was to capture the famous facial expression of Puss in Boots that everyone loves so much! Each one of the Diablo kittens sports a unique facial expression that makes their character come alive! The smooth facial features were achieved by using a combination of size 40 triangular, 38 and 40 star felting needles. I combined several wooded backgrounds to place my fairytale characters in a suitable setting for photos. I added some real pine trimmings and wooden sticks from nature for a natural display. Puss in Boots and the Three Diablo’s are ready for an adventure!

5. Humpty Dumpty
Heidi Loutzenhiser
Portland, O


Big Bad Wolf: Sometimes the Wolf Wins
Joyce Hazerlig
Smithville, TX USA

15" x 8" L
I wanted this to look like a drawing from an old children’s book; an alternative ending. The Wolf is made on wire armature, with core wool, alpaca fiber, & Wensleydale and Cotswold locks. His fangs are alpaca stiffened with mustache wax. Granny’s cap is w

A Noise in the Woods (Red Riding Hood)
Jan Waller
Plymouth, MI USA

44 cm W x 87 cm H
Wet and needle felted wall hanging with machine embroidery embellishment

In The Woods (Red Riding Hood)
Jan Waller
Plymouth, Mi USA

36 cm x 42 cm Wet and needle felted wall hanging with machine embroidery embellishment

While You Were Sleeping (Sleeping Beauty)
Jan Waller
Plymouth, MI USA

34 cm W x 67 cm H
Wet felted wall hanging using merino and silk with machine embroidery embellishment

Mama goat and her little kids
Chieko Kano
Bellevue, WA USA

Mama: 8 x 3/ kids: 5 x 2.5
Core wool, corriedale wool, merino top, wire, white yarn, cotton and wool fabric, lace ribbon


The Wolf with his tummy packed with Rocks
Chieko Kano
Bellevue, WA US

12" x 4.5"
Natural Dark Corriedale, Merino tops, wire, mohair yarns, modeling clay


Coming to the Surface
Sue Potter
B.C. Canada

13.5" w x 8.5" h
The Little Mermaid and her first sight of the human world. Used materials core wool, merino cross batt, NZ Corriedale, sun dyed mohair locks

Pinocchio, Jimny Cricket, Figaro (cat), Cleo (fish)
Patty Gibson
Deland FL US

P: 16" JC: 7" F: 8" C: 4"
Core wool, merino-cross batts, wire armature; all needle felted

Witch From Snow White Giving Apple
Laurie Magnabosco
Everett, WA USA

9" x 5.5"
White, burgandy and light green felt. Silk material for dress.

Little Lamb & Little Fish
Judy Titche
W Lafayette, IN USA

48" x 20" x 20"
The sculptural chair represents the Grimms fairytale "The Little Lamb and The Little Fish." The Chair frame is a recycled Victorian Chair that I reconstructed, painted, repadded, added elements to, and reupholstered with needle felted fabric. Both sides of the back are needle felted as well as the seat.


The judges graded each entry on 6 different criteria:
(1) Artistic Merit
(2) Creativity / Originality
(3) Attention to Detail
(4) Quality of Craftsmanship
(5) Presentation (to include photographic setting, lighting and quality)
(6) Overall “Wow” Factor

Judges are not given the names of the artists when judging the entries

Items in this category must represent the theme and be needle felted
or of hand-made felt with no more than 25% other media incorporated.
Entries may include sculpture, functional items, wall hangings, wearables, dolls, etc.
and were to pertain to the them of childhood fairy tales.


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