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Felting Contest - Dolls


Doll Category Entries | Childhood Fairy Tales Entries

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Doll Entries
Congratulations to all of the participants in this year's contest for outstanding
and artful creations! We are pleased to share these wonderful examples of
felted dolls made with needle felting and wet felting techniques.

Please share your comments on our facebook friends page!

About the photos:

*Warning, some photos are very large and may take a while to load

1st Place

I love Ewe
Jacqueline Felix
Erie, PA USA

Doll: 8" H Ewe: 5" H x 5" L Wheelbarrow: 3" H x 6" L

All items have be hand-felted by me and are totally original in design. My inspiration came from my love of wool and sheep which provide us all with this lovely media in which to work. I considered doing a version of "Mary had a little Lamb"; and eventually came up with "I Love Ewe", sort of sums it up for me. The doll is completed needle felted as is her apparel, the only things comprising the doll that are not needle felted are the one wooden toothpick used to represent the toggle buttons on her coat; as well as four inches of silk ribbon to tie her pigtails (not visible in pictures) and two inches of trim for collar/cuffs under coat.

The doll's hair is Tibetan lamb and was needle felted to her head using the same wool batts I utilized for the face and body. The eyes, nose, fingers, hands and feet are completely and totally needle felted; and yes; under her boots she does have actual feet with toes, felted in a similar fashion to her hands; I really wish I could have sent in more pictures.The doll was felted over a wire armature to permit her to pose and stand freely, and in general I approached her creation very much as most standard dolls. The doll is a separate entity from her clothes which I made very much as you would most doll clothes, only I felted the sleeves to the jacket instead of sewing them together; I used this same method for making the skirt. I needle felted sheets of felt, cut my pattern pieces and felted seams together rather than sewing them. Even the trim used for collar and cuffs were in actuality felted, not sewed to the sleeves. The hardest thing of all was dressing the doll once her clothes were finished, if I had it to do over I would maybe approach things a little differently, but that's just trial and error. I must admit however, I did use my felting needle to snug up any alterations. The boots are totally separate from the doll's feet and could, if need be, actually be removed. (I forgot socks, our little secret, I hope). The sheep, (South Suffolk Ewe-native to England) is completely needle felted with a overcoat of wool nubs, also needle felted to the body. The cord around the sheep's neck is felted, the cow bell is not. The eyes of the sheep are glass and were custom painted so as to be exact to the species of sheep, which is why I didn't felt them, I wanted them to be as authentic as possible, but I'm sure I could have felted them, as well as the cow bell, but time was ticking and I had to choose my battles if I wanted to finish in time to participate in the contest. The Ewe is completely free standing and has no internal armature. Lastly is the wheelbarrow; this took a little engineering as well as ingenuity. I only added it to create an overall theme to express without words and in "FELT", how much the little girl loves her sheep and cares for it because she loves it. The body of the wheelbarrow is rather thick, and firmly needle felted into sheets that I ironed to achieve a smooth surface. I created a paper template that I could use as a pattern, when folded it would give me the correct shape of the barrow, I then roughly cut the felt and sort of folded up the corners and felted them together. The handles, wheel and support legs were are felted separately in individual pieces to assure accuracy of thickness and length then felted to the body of the barrow. Colors of wool batts used:Black,Cotton White, Winter Grey, Storm Grey, Cherub, Camel, Wine, Lemon Peel, Espresso, Cinnabrown, Clay, Foliage, small amounts of - Pecan (for eyebrows), Begonia - (for lips)

2nd Place

Topsy Turvy Cinderella
Teresa Brooks
Nelson, New Zealand

12" H x 8" w This is a needle felted "topsy turvy" doll. Her body is completely needle felted, with wire armature through her arms so they are pose-able. Her clothes have been needle felted and wet felted with some accents in embroidery floss, silk ribbon, teeny natural pearls, antique tatting, and antique lace. Oh, and a scrap of old linen for her apron. She took me almost a month to complete and I just finished her today! (Aug. 6th, 2012 phew!) She has a core wool base, covered in Merino Cross Batt Linen. Her hair is Camel Merino Top. Her white underskirt is wet felted Merino Top with lace stitched on one side, and bits of Aspen Gray Cross Batt on the other. Her "princess" dress is Merino Top Primrose multi. Her "cinders" top is Merino Top Aqua - vest is from the Earth Tone Cross Batt Studio Pack, and skirt is Pecan Cross Batt. She was SO much fun to create!

3rd Place

Grandma Fairy Tales
Vera Renski
Woodside CA USA Grandma

13", Girl 8"
Needle felted figurines, and table, flowers, bear, cat, clothes are wet and nuno felted

Woodland Lady With Her Jewelry
Karen Lincoln
Derry, NH USA

11" H
Wool felt body + hair + face, silver wire handmade crown,
other accessories a combination of handmade + found objects, shoes made of oak leaves

Shye Robyn Mendelsohn
W Bloomfield, MI USA

9" x 9"
Autumn is a full-body Living Felt wool needlefelted pixie.
She is sporting her fall colors with a dash of late summer. Other materials include mohair locks,
faux flower petals, faux leaves, fabric scraps, sari ribbon, acrylic paint, nail polish, beads
and found objects. Her tiny teddy bear, Amber, is also needlefelted.

A Father's Love
Sneffca (aka Caroline Neff)
Barnegat, NJ USA

Dad: 6.5" Baby: 3.5"
A moment captured between father and son showing an unconditional love: A Father’s Love. Both chimps are needle felted with Living Felt NZ Corriedale African Safari color pack.
Dad is 6 ½” tall and is made with wire armature allowing various display poses! Dad is sporting a plaid shirt with attached white under tee. He has glass eyes.

Little Junior is 3 ½” tall has wire in his arms only. He is wearing a very tiny hand-made hand-knitted sweater set adorned with tiny pearl buttons and ribbon.
A matching hat, pants and booties complete his outfit! He has amber glass eyes and absolutely adores his daddy! The chimps are pictured in a nursery background as well as Dad pushing a miniature white, wire carriage!


Janne Svensson
Amsterdam Netherlands

11" H x 2" W
Merino-cross batt from Living Felt, except the clothes are from different fabrics.
Her pendant is a glass bead


Cinda Peterson
Gig Harbor, WA USA

20" H
Wool roving- acrylic human eyes. She is sculpted over a full wire armature.


Red Krampus
Heidi Loutzenhiser
Portland, OR USA

He is a character in Austrian Folklore who comes with St. Nicholas on December 6th to scare bad children (the much scarier Austrian version of coal in your stocking.)


God Will Never Leave Us
Gloria Drew
Orland, FL USA

10" x 13"
Mermaid, whale, turtle, dolphin, octopus, marlin, clownfish all made with combo of NZC and MC1. Water MC1. Mermaids hair sun dried mohair.


Una's Flock
Carol Collins
Sandy Hook, CT U

doll: 7.25", sheep: 3.5" @shoulder
Una's face and body are needle-felted wool over wire armature. Her eyes are hand-painted polymer clay. Hat is needle-felted wool embroidered and trimmed with cotton floss. Smock is vintage linen, jeans are denim, and her clogs are felted wool. All of her clothes are removable, as she has other outfits! Her Icelandic sheep are needle-felted wool over wire armatures, topped with Icelandic fleece that I purchased raw and processed myself.
The sheeps' eyes, horns, and hooves are handmade from polymer clay.


Afternoon Stroll
Melanie Nord Monsees
East Stroudsburg, PA US

8" H
These two friends are feeling fine, looking good, and strutting their stuff! Both were needle felted using LF NZ Corriedale. Girl's legs are covered with floral lace and stitched up the back with lime green string (to match skirt). And of corse, fake fur booties!


Rene Renard
Hilde Versmissen
Schoten, Belgium

17.25" H x 12.5" L x 8" W
Fox doll inspired by the tales of La Fontainewith 17th century clothing (century of the author La Fontaine). Made from: German Blackheadsheepswool as core, an iron-wire in the tail to let him stand, glass eyes and corriedale wool. Clothing: fabric.

Pagan Pumpykins
Sue Potter
B.C., Canada

7.5" W x 10.5" H
This is Pagan Pumpykins tending her pumpkin patch. Materials used Core wool, NZ Corriedale, Sun dyed mohair locks, Merino cross mohair batt, Wool roving, Cotton batik fabric, Bamboo mat


Frog of the May
Vera Renski
Woodside, CA USA

9" x 8" Needle felted , merino cross ball cotton, merino-red

Connie Haddock
Moline, IL US

12" H x 7" W x 5.5" D
Beautiful new gown, jewels and, of course, her favorite Living Felt “Happy Sheep” stole. Limo - check! Lights - check! Cameras, red carpet, adoring public – check, check and check! The Starlet is ready for her next public appearance. I got the idea for this caricature doll well over a year ago. It was very exciting to finally be able to bring her to life for this year’s contest. Many of Living Felt’s wonderful products were used to make her, including core wool, MC batts, locks, and NZ Corriedale. Clear and Caribbean blue crystals were used for her adornments. I hope the judges enjoy her as much as I do presenting her to them

Lee Charlton
Elgin, TX USA

12" H x 9" W Festus' basic form is the fleece of my sheep Mirabelle, a Rambouillet. His coat is Icelandic locks with Wendselydale accents. The pads of his feet and claws are also Rambouillet. Birgitte Hansen, who you featured recently, is my inspiration. Festus is a happy yet fierce bear and fills me with great joy. He is my first attempt at a bear and I hope there will be many more to come. Thanks!

Mr & Mrs Chiu
Miss Idy Law
Tai Wai, Shatin, N.T. Hong K

13cm W x 13cm L x 25cm H
Mr & Mrs Chiu get married finally! They are Chinese and surely dress up in Chinese style on their big day! In Chinese tradition, RED is the theme colour of wedding. The red word in gold diamond on wall is "Sheung Hei" which means double happiness. It's the best blessing to the couple! Happily Ever After!! The dolls are nearly all made of wool by needle felting. Mrs Chiu's earrings and Phoenix coronet are made of pearl and red plastic beads and wire. Mr Chiu's glasses are made of wire.

Chris Armstrong
Nashville, TN USA

5.5" W x 5.5" D x 12" H
I needle felted wool of various consistencies and colors
and used #22 floral wire to make an armature for the chair

Dream Pan
Hilary Powers
Oakland, CA USA

5.5" H x 8" W
Figure is a needle-felted satyr, built to an image of the sculptor's mind that matched the dream of a friend. He has a florist's wire armature, except that the hooves and horns were felted on coated copper wire and then dipped in melted beeswax. Curls are natural Lincoln Longwool. Eyes are felted silk roving.


The Guardian
Carol (Cat) Trochelman
Bristow, IN USA

Base: 14.5" x 10" Sculpt: 12" x 12" Needle felted centaur 100% wool with leather headband and wood and polymer clay spear. Base is wood with needle felted wool rock, moss, plastic grass.

Portrait Doll -- Hunter Safari
Evgenia Vasilenko Marushkino
Moscow, Russia

19" H
The doll is made of wool a method of a dry fulling. Inside- a wire framework, hands feet, of a doll are mobile, can take any form. The doll portrait, is made to order according
to the photo for a gift to the Hunter.

Chris Caffery
(Cat) Trochelman
Bristow, IN USA

27" H
Chris Caffery of Trans Siberian Orchestra. Doll is wool, guitar is polymer clay painted with markers.

The judges graded each entry on 6 different criteria:
(1) Artistic Merit
(2) Creativity / Originality
(3) Attention to Detail
(4) Quality of Craftsmanship
(5) Presentation (to include photographic setting, lighting and quality)
(6) Overall “Wow” Factor

Judges are not given the names of the artists when judging the entries

Items in this category were to be needle felted and/or wet felted and may incorporate other media. The doll's face and head must be made of felted wool.


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