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Felting Contest - Dolls



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Doll Category Entries | Seuss-pirations Entries

Doll Entries

Below are all of the entries received for the DOLL Category
Items in this category were to be needle felted and/or wet felted
and may incorporate other media. The doll's face and head must
be made of felted wool.

The judges graded each entry on 8 different criteria:
Artistic Merit, Creativity, Originality, Attention to Detail,
Quality of Craftsmanship, Adherance to Category Criteria,
Presentation (setting, lighting, photography), Wow Factor

Please share your comments on our facebook friends page!

About the photos:

*Warning, some photos are very large and may take a while to load

First Place

31 . A Fairy Tale Grandma
Beata Brodka

12" H x 10" W
She lives in the woods with her 3 cats and a goat, so many people call her a witch, but she's just an adorable old lady, that we'd all like to have as our grandmother. She's also entirely needle felted from New Zealand Merino wool with some recycled elements used for her outfit. Working on her took about 3weeks and we became very close during that time :)

1st Place Prizes:

* $250 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products*
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *

Second Place

13. Once Upon a Time
Vera Renski - Woodside, CA

22" H (bear) ,11 "H (man)
Needle Felted figures, from Living Felt MC-1 Cotton, wet felted clothes, Living Felt MC-1 Espresso Bean

2nd Place Prizes:

* $100 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products*
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *


Third Place


38 . Claude
Janne Svensson Amsterdam , The Netherlands

8"H x 4"W
Claude is made from Merino-Cross Batt (from Her dress is made from two very thin threads, one in cotton and the other a synthetic gold. Her pill box hat is crothet from black cotton thread, using a 2,5 mm hook. The scarf and pill box veil are from lacy, synthetic (I suppose) fabric. Ear rings are of glass bead and wire, 0,4 mm. The shoes are made from leather. Glue has been used. Claude runs a little boutique, selling hats and shoes, some very exclusive clothes and jewllery. Her chair is made from kitchen sponges glued together and then fabric felt glued to it. The cabinet is from foam core. The head and body model are both needle felted, and all the clothes are crochet on 2 and 2,5 mm hooks. The lamp is cardboard cup bottom and top, and a straw together with glue and wire. Only the shoes are not my original. For reference, the box of matches meassure just over 2" (5,6 mm).

3rd Place Prizes:

* $50 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products*
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *

Remarkable Mention

4. Friends
Sharyn Erickson - Ham Lake, MN

12" H X 8" W
100% Living Felt Wool

1. Stewie the Painting Anteater
Virgina (Gina) Combs of Agate, CO

6" H X 12" W
All wools needle felted throughout. Portrait of Stew the Anteater (, painting, easel


2. Froggie Went A Courtin'
Sharyn Erickson - Ham Lake, MN

8.5H X 10.5 L
100% Living Felt Wool, mostly batts, some NZ Corriedale


3. Banshee, Listening
Jana Seely - Cambria, CA

8" H X 5" W X 2.5" D
Needle felted wool, copper-wire leg supports


5. Woodland Girl
Brenda Cowan - Grand Haven, MI

10" H X 7" W
Girl with yellow basket of seed feeding the birds and bunny. The girl, basekt, birds, bunny on stump were all needle felted with Living Felt Merino Cross Felting Batts. The colors used were black, charcoal, tundra, flesh tone, ture red, azure, cobalt, marigold and white. There is real bird seed in the basket, in her hands and some in her hat!


6. Short Arms
Vivian Rooks - Parker, CO

7" H X 5" W
Felted dog and fairy

7. Little House on the Prairie, Laura
Laurie Magnabosco - Everett, WA

8.5" H
Laura with her favorite doll. Hair made from New Zealand Corriedale Cocoa  body Earth Tone Collection


8. Tinarina, la Ballerina
Yling Tien - Columbus, OH

16.5" H
Tinarina is needle felted flesh colored wool, with Living Felt pink wool ballet slippers, and features
also courtesy of Living Felt Merino Cross colors!. Her hair is handspun corriedale.
She wears a handsewn tutu, slipper ribbons, garland. Wire armature in legs only.


9. Panda Randa
Jeanne Norris - Constable, NY

18" H X 9" W
Panda form created with core wool, topped with black and white merino cross batt
and finished with black and white merino top. All from Living Felt.

10. Beatrice's Family
Linda Hains - Quebec, Montreal Canada

Marius 8" H, Beatrice 7.5" H, Adele 3.5"
Entirely needle felted, even the chair, monkey, clothes and fishes. Norwegian C-1 and Merino were used. Wires from Living Felt in the arms, legs and tails. The cats and fishes have glass eyes. Adele, the little girl in the chair has jointed legs and Mr Nilsson the little toy monkey has black glass bead eyes.


11. Lili
Laura Lee Burch - Tel Aviv, Israel

20" H x 8 " W
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs), wool hair, felt dress with needle felted design on the bodice,
felt shoes, cotton and lace socks, antique blinking doll eyes

12. Sunflower
Laura Lee Burch - Tel Aviv, Israel

32" tall x 15.75" wide
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs)-shetland wool

14. Gwendolyn the Good Witch
Anna Marsh - St. Maries, ID

15.5" H X 6" W
She is completely needlefelted except for some handspun yarn accents, her broom handle, and her button on her cloak.  I made everything except her button, that is upcycled from an old spoon.  She is made from various wools.  Her hair is mohair, her dress is mohair, merino wool, firestar, and finn wool.  Her body is BFL, her broom is a willow branch I clipped from the woods near my home, with mohair accents for the bristles.  Her facial features are merino wool, finn wool, and mohair.  Her hat is finn wool with handspun yarn accents.  Her cloak is merino wool, finn wool, and firestar.  All of the wool that I used I also dyed using local plants and extracts from the Earthues company.  Both her broom stick and her cloak are removable.

15. PussNBoots
Karen Jones Frisco , TX USA

9"H x 4" H (cat), 4"H x 4" H (mouse)
Puss'nBoots standing gurard over an ogre who has morphed into a mouse. Living Felt Merino Cross Batts, 100% core wool felt, wool roving, C-1 Norweigan, Core wool, glass beads, embroidery thread, shoe brush bristles, toothpic for sword, pink feather, cotton/poly black trim, merino brown prefelt for bag

16 . Emili
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

19.5" H X 8" H
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs), wool hair, wool felt dress, felt shoes, cotton and lace socks

17 . Dog Walker
Mira L. Broyles Eagan , MN USA

11" H X 8" W X 6" D
Lady with 3 dogs on a leash. Core wool, merino wool, wire, beads, chain, leather, needle felted

18 . Pearl
Mira L. Broyles Eagan , MN USA

14.5" H x 8" W
Older lady sitting in chair holding small dog. Core wool, merino wool, beads, wire, nylong stockings, plastic shoes, needle felted

19 . Gnome Doll
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

13.5 H x 6.75 W
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs and clothes -Shetland wool

20 . Lady Gnome
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

14.5" H x 13.5" W
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs), wool hair, needle felted


21 . Husband's Favorite Pasttime
Sandy Wrecker Berthoud , CO USA

12' H X 8" W X 6" D
Wire, wool, Wood log

22 . DR Con Traption and his Personal People Transporter
Edwina Sutherland Ottawa , Ontario Canada

17" H x 6" W Wool fiber, wool suiting, poly interfacing, metal pros, wire, steampunk figure. Needle felted.

23 . Dancing In The Moonlight
Edwina Sutherland Ottawa , Ontario Canada

16.5" H X 7"
Wire armature, wool fiber, nude figure depicting the freedom of dance.

24 . Idris the Dragon
Edwina Sutherland -- Ottawa , Ontario Canada

6'H X 20" L
Wool fiber, wire, stone; Dragon figure with posable limbs and wings

25 . The Green Man
Kim Cowley , Norfolk England

Full figure of a Green Man based on the head sculptures which can be found in medieval buildings and churches throughout Europe. I tried to make the figure look as if he is a part of nature by giving him roots which join the piece of wood he is sat upon and vines sprouting from his mouth and growing on and around other parts of his face and body. He is 17 inches tall seated This green man is needle felted onto a wire armature; which is covered with living felts core wool and then camel hair. Shetland wool and various other short staple wools were also used. For details such as eyes and leaves merino fleece was used. The piece is mainly needle felted but some wet felting was included in the decorations such as the leaves and flowers, the mushrooms are made from jute.

26 . Stinkin Thinkin
Kimanne Foraker-Koons Flossmore , IL USA

11" H X 7.5" W
Stinking Thinkin is wool felted monster holding a wool felted light bulb that is a representation of negative thoughts which seem to floating in and out of our minds. He is my first attempt at needle felting and I thoroughly enjoyed felting out negative thoughts creating this monster.


27 . Ballerina
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

14.5" H x 13.5" W
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs) Shetland wool, wool hair (merino wool), tulle ballet skirt, glass doll eyes

28 . Frog Prince
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

Doll: 22.5 tall x 6.75" wide
Needle felted doll (head, body and limbs), antique blinking doll eyes-Shetland wool


29 . Halloween 1955
Karen Jones Frisco , TX USA

Doll: 11.5" x 4.5", cat 3.5" x 2"
4yr old girl dressed in halloween devil costume, pitchfork, cat jack-o-lantern, & her kitty "Mittens". C-1 Norweigan , corewool, Merino dream felt,merino roving, merino short batt, 100% wool felt for cape, embroidery thread, cold porcelain and wooden skerwer, acrylic paints, makins air-dry polymer clay for cat jack-o-lantern, floral wire for handle, shoe brush bristles for whiskers.

30 . Fairy Day Care
Shannon Witt Island Lake , IL USA

6.5" H x 10" W
The fairy is 100% felted Marino wool, she is wearing a garnet and gold pendant. Her wings are made of hand painted, nylon covered copper wire and her hair is adorned with a crown made of silk ribbons. She is taking care of the baby fairies (butterflies) in shady tall grasses.

32 . Kleitos the Centaur
Karena Kliefoth Spokane Valley , WA USA

11.5" H x 6.5" W
Chenille stem armature, core wool, black wool from Living Felt African Safari pack for horse body, Living Felt Cinnamon Brown MC-1 for human body, Living Felt Black Beauty locks for the hair/horese tail. Sculpey hooves, plastic eyes.

33 . Mr Chang - The Pumpkin Keeper
Tara Colna Glassboro , NJ USA

9" H x 3" W x 2" D
Mr. Chang is keeper of the pumpkins and watches over them day and night. He is made with core wool as his base, then merino cross batt was for skin tone and to make his clothes & hair. He has plastic green eyes, and was sewn to his support with thread and then felted over top of it. His support is wood, that was painted and attached to the wooden base that has a craft felt top and painted bottom. All the pumpkins were made with core wool and merino cross too. 

34 . Huldra
Janne Svensson Amsterdam , The Netherlands

6.5"H x 4" W
She is NZ Corriedale (from all the way through. Based on a Norwegian folklore character, Huldra lives deep in the forest. A gorgeous woman, she lures men to follow her - and blinded by her beauty they do not notice that she has a cows tail... After having her way with her "victim" she only sends him away if she is satisfied. If not, she will beat her lover around the ears with her cows tail.

35 . Momma Cat Carries Kitten
Helen M. Rogers Athens , GA USA

11" h x 7" w x 3" d
Needle felted wool with glass eyes

36 . Stella
Janne Svensson Amsterdam , The Netherlands

7" h x 3" w x 2" d
Merino-Cross Batt, hair NZ Corriedale (from The hat and dress are made from cotton thread and using a 2,5 mm crochet hook. Her knitting needles are made from tooth picks, 2 mm diameter. Ear rings are made from glass beads and wire

37 . Seymour the Sea Monster
Irma Hoani Hamilton , New Zealand

4.5" H
Seymour is needle felted of merino wool in shades of green and is five way thread jointed. Orange glass eyes. 3 1/2 inches tall sitting.

39 . Mother - Daughter Day
Helen M. Rogers Athens , GA USA

8" H x 11"
Needle felted cat and kitten on wet-felted base; boulders are combination of wet felt and needle felt, including corriedale, merino, polwarth. Eyes are glass.

40 . A Penny for Your Thought
Cassandra Richaud Cluny , Alberta Canada

50" H
Face made with meino and cashmere, hair mohair, armature inside, each finger and toe can be repositioned

41 . Squish
Rosemarie McGuire San Antonio , FL USA

This is a story about Squish a little Rabbit no one could see,so Squish made him self a big stuffed Rabbit that everyone could see


Doll Category Entries | Seuss-pirations Entries

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