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Doll Category Entries
| Seuss-pirations Entries

Seusspiration Entries

Below are all of the entries received for this Category
Items in this category must represent the theme and be needle felted
or of hand-made felt with no more than 25% other media incorporated.
Entries may include sculpture, functional items, wall hangings, wearables, dolls, etc.
and were to be "inspired" by Dr. Seuss vs. felted renditions of his characters.

The judges graded each entry on 8 different criteria:
Artistic Merit, Creativity, Originality, Attention to Detail,
Quality of Craftsmanship, Adherance to Category Criteria,
Presentation (setting, lighting, photography), Wow Factor

Please share your comments on our facebook friends page!

*Warning, some photos are very large and may take a while to load

First Place

5 . Leafly & Grimlox, Ridden by Soozie Pantoozie, Take First Place at the Second Annual Brittle Bootleg Dressage & Flugelhorn Competition

Sue Hale 14" H x 17" L
Soozie Pantoozie & her steed, Leafly & Grimlox were constructed using various colors of wool roving over a wire armature. Bits and Pieces used tor embellishment include buttons, ribbon and embroidery floss.

1st Place Prizes:

* $250 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products*
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *

Second Place

3 . Unorthodoxy Seussel-proxy Taxadermous Who!
Robin Middlebrook Bakersfield , CA USA

16" H x 11" W X 10" D
In the spirit of Dr Seuss' "Unorthox Taxidermy" sculptures I created my Unorthodoxy Seussel-Proxy Taxadermous Who. I blended the above Seuss story and sculpture characters, and the result is a taxadermied beast, who, fancifully is very much alive and well in Who-Ville The face and neck is needle felted using a blend of New Aealand Corriedale and Merino Cross Felting Batts. The mane is wet felted out of 80/20 Silk Blends. The antlers are constructed out of a wire frame covered in 80/20 Silk Blends. There are two glass beads for eyes. Approximately 10% of the project is flower foam in the neck used to mount the head to the plaque. I incorporated many of Seuss' extra touches such as: "the Pants Green" for the eyes; "the Sneech Star and Seuss Blue, Yellow, Green and Red"; the characteristic Seuss Bulging Whites Eyes and "Cartoony" Crooked Smile; and last, but certainly not least, wispy, wispy, wispys everywhere! I hope you enjoy my Unorthodoxy Seussel-Proxy Taxadermous Who as much as I do!

2nd Place Prizes:

* $100 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products*
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *

Third Place

6 . Pretty Lilly Loo
Connie Haddock Moline , IL USA

15" H x 6A" W x 6" D
My inspiration for this little critter was from the "brush, brush, comb, comb" verse and the Gack, both from "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish". She and her beauty supplies are made from Living Felt MC-2 Felting Batts in Marigold, Black, Azure, Raspberry and Violet as well as Living Felt Core Wool. Her presentation "vanity" pedestal is made of craft wood, painted gold with gold glitter cord aroudn the edge and gold-plated chain and colored glass beads for embellishment. The glass in the mirror is made from a spiraled silver metallic chenille stick, her crest is wired.

3rd Place Prizes:

* $50 Gift Certificate for Living Felt Products *
* promoted on Living Felt website & publications *
* featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine *
* Certificate and Ribbon *

Remarkable Mention

18. The  DreamSeeder 
Joyce Hazlerig Smithville, TX USA

18” H x 18 " W
Merino Cross Batts, Mohair locks, Hand dyed Targhee, Wet felted merino cross, Corriedale, Hand spun/wet felted yarn, Firestar, Angelina, sari ribbon, floral wire armature (Girl, Beast, Flower Trees, Bird, Wagon “plant”), 2 Black plastic beads, 2 Mother of Pearl shell (tusks), Repurposed wooden axle & wheels, two wooden dowel rods, cheesecloth

1 . How Long is the Tail of a Zong?
Sharyn Erickson Ham Lake , MN USA

6" H x 20" L
100% Living Felt wool, assorted colors and textures

2 . Ms Ima Tru Who Says "I Do"
Brenda Cowan Grand Haven , MI USA

10" H x 4.5" W
Whoville bride with "Suess-Like" Antennas, "U" shapred pupils, slouch slippers and hands with less digits.
Living Felt Merino Cross Barrs in white, fleshtone, raspberry, marigold and black.
She has wire in her neck, a blue garter and crystal ring.

4 . "Cat in the Hat" with His Lovely Date Cate
Karen Jones Frisco , TX USA

10.5" x 3"
"Cat" holding hands with his date, Cat. Little hen, Gwen, holding daisy in beak. Merino Corss batt, merino roving, dreamfelt batt, short fiber merino, core wool, Norwegian C-1, wire used for hen's feet, wrapped with embroidery thread. "The Cat in the Hat" has a date with Cate. While Mr. Cat dresses traditionally. Miss Cate is quite trendy She has a pet hen Cate just calls her Gwen Yes, opposites do attract So stayed tuned to the second act!   

7 . Geisel
Tadja Dragoo Tallahassee , FL USA

8" H x 8"W x 3" D
hand dyed wool, wire in tail

8 . Oh the Thinks You Can Think
Sharyn Erickson Ham Lake , MN USA

20.5" H x 5.5" W
100% Living Felt Wool

9 . The Red-Tufted Firzzer of the Shire Tremizzer
David Woehr White Plains , NY USA

20" x 7.5" x 10"
An homage to "If I Ran The Zoo". New Zealand Corriedale, Moerino Top, Premo Polymer Clay, acrylic paint, wire, hot glue

10 . Came Thing Two and Thing One
Chieko Kano Bellevue , WA USA

9 1/4" H
Mostly merino, corriedal wool, fabric, rIbbon, wire, fishing line

11 . Pigs in Wigs
Laura Lee Burch , Tel Aviv Isreal

9" H x 3.5" W
Needle felted pig doll –shetland wool

12 . Plant in a Hat Jean Johnson
Chula Vista , CA USA

10.5" H x 11" W
Indoor/outdoor planter, 100% wool, needle felted

13 . Worms Have Feelings Too
Sharyn Erickson Ham Lake , MN USA

9.5" H x 10.5"W
100% Living Felt Wool, 2 tiny buttons, yellow feathers, branch

14 . Oh The Places We Will Go!
Cherie Dye Bolingbrook , IL USA

9" H x 5" W
Andy Who and his frog too! Travel places we will never see! Corriedale wool, core wool, yarn

15 . Sea World
Mr. Fermin Coronado Houston , TX USA

10.5" H x 10,5" W
Art piece was inspired by "One Fish, Two Fish…" Crochet jute base with roving,
yarn stitched into jute and finally completed with wet felting

16 . Thing 1 and Thing 2
Benjamin Leonhardt Hamilton , OH USA

Needle felted

17 . The Nerd
Vivian Rooks Parker , CO USA

5" H
felted, sitting on top of mountain


Doll Category Entries | Seuss-pirations Entries

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