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Felt Over Matter ~ Dog Toys

For our felting project, we will balls in the washing machine. Instead of regular balls, we will create a dog toy over a squeaker.

My dogs love to pull these balls apart fiber by fiber; you can also use this method without putting something inside, or add a bell for your kitty, or rubber ball for the kids! Just be creative! For my pets, I like to use clean, non-dyed wool.

This project is very low skill level, fast and fun todo!

Materials: White wool, squeaker, nylon stocking


1. Pull off about 18Ē of wool and place squeaker on one end.
2. Roll the squeaker up tightly, like a ball of yarn by rotating the angle, not just straight like a tube.
3. Add a few more wraps of wool going around the ball to cover any folds or seams.
4. Shove the ball down into the end of your stocking & tie a knot.
5. Stack as many balls as you like in the stocking with knots in between. You can also use twist ties or elastic bands.
6. Drop the balls into your washing machine with a load of towels and pull them out witís done! You may need to peel the stockinoff the wool, but this is fine. If you want really hard balls, put them in the dryer with the towels.