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In 2004, we came out with the first full-color, step-by-step photo instruction booklet for needle felting a string jointed bear.

Our felting kits came shortly after and they are now available through retailers in several countries.

With our detailed needle felting instructions, you too can learn the basic techniques of needle felting and let your imagination run wild!

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Living Felt Peace Felt

"I just received my merino wool goody bag and merino white wool batting and all I can say is “Wow”!

I have been wet felting with Romney/cross wool and have been struggling. This is a dream. I am in love with merino wool. And, I really appreciate the quickness of the order. You have another life long customer!

And I will be telling all to purchase their wool from your company. Thank you so much for everything"

"With much appreciation and excitement"

Lori Kompa


" I just received my first order from you. I used to have my own fiber store in NY.

I just want to say that I am so happy with the quality of your product, attention to detail, use of recycled materials, and shipping speed.

Thanks! It was hard to pay "retail" for wool after having my own shop. But I feel like I got my money's worth from your business. Thanks and have a great day :)"

Jennifer Marshall
Grand Canyon School
IB World School


Hello Folks,

" Thanks so much for the wonderful service, and the wools are amazing. Very different from what I have been using here in NZ. I like variety in my work, so I am constantly looking for new fibres and colour blends! "

Thanks so much!"

New Zealand






FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Is this easy for a BEGINNER to do?
Yes! Our instruction booklets have step-by-step color photos designed for people who want very detailed guidance. Even if you have never worked with wool, you can do this!
Just look at the wonders absolute beginners create -- on our FELTING FRIENDS BLOG!


I’m having trouble / stuck on one part, how can I get specific help?
Email your question to: and she will guide you.


How do I DO this? (use the felting needle)
The felting needle is used by poking the needle into the wool with a straight up & down motion. The pressure is light, like a light bounce ~ bounce. Think as though you are using a paint brush to make dots on a canvas, dot dot, dot dot dot….you don’t need a lot of force. Experiment with the needles to find the right one for the job you are doing.

Where can I get more of the STRING JOINTING thread?
You can use dental floss, button thread or find waxed floss just like in our kits from the LEATHER section of your local craft store.


How many needles should I have on hand?
We suggest having 2-3 of each size available. Sometimes you might like to hold two needles at once, or have a back up if one breaks.


My needle broke / snapped, is this normal? … why did this happen? Etc.
Sometimes people break needles when they are just learning. The shafts are very thin and brittle and will snap if any SIDEWAYS pressure is put on them – like trying to tug wool that has already been felted into place. (a darning needle is best for this as it is very strong) Most often people learn what not to do after breaking one or two.





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Needle felting is a term for using one or more felting needles by hand to create flat felt or felt sculpture. The first use of felting needles in this manner that we know of was in the early 1980's by artisans David & Eleanor Stanwood. Try our needle felting supplies, a needle felting kit, felting wool or needle felting instructions today.